The 7 best apps for Nintendo Switch (that aren’t games)

Since its inception almost four years ago, the Nintendo Switch has been an unqualified success.
The system has proven to be a favorite with gamers thanks to its excellent library of games and unusual modular design.
While you may spend hours exploring Hyrule in Breath of the Wild or learning to race Mario Kart for the first time on the Switch, the system also has a variety of apps that go beyond games.
Here are some of the greatest non-game Nintendo Switch apps.

best apps for Nintendo Switch

How to download apps for Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo eShop contains all of the programs on this list.
Look for the symbol that looks like a shopping cart in the Switch home screen toolbar to launch the web store.
Use the search box at the top left of the screen to find the program you wish to download while the eShop is open.
You can launch the app from the Switch home screen once it has finished downloading.

1. RPG Maker MV
Skyborn, Omori, and the horror blockbuster Corpse Party are just a handful of the outstanding games that have come out of the accessible RPG authoring program RPG Maker.
The Nintendo Switch rendition of RPG Maker MV is so simple to grasp that you’ll be getting creative in no time.

The MV version of RPG Maker has a much better map editor with layers, an in-depth event system for adding drama to your games, and a plethora of pre-installed assets (plus the option to add your graphics, music, and effects, of course).

2. Vivid colors
When it comes to relatively difficult drawing and painting apps, the Nintendo Switch lacks a lot of options, which seems like a mistake given the console’s strong touchscreen capabilities and reasonably large handheld screen.

Colors Live is an app that you must purchase from the developer’s website.
It includes a pressure-sensitive stylus that may be customized in terms of strokes and thickness.
Colors Live is essentially a free-form painting program, but it adds some spice to your creative journey by including a mode that challenges you to paint a little every day, complete with its progression system.

The digital edition is currently available for purchase, with a physical edition expected later this year.

3. Hulu
You’ll never miss an episode of Hulu’s latest obsession if you use the video streaming app.
Hulu is a paid service, even though the app is free to download.
This implies you’ll have to pay a monthly charge to access the site’s vast content repository.
If you want to try it out, there is a seven-day free trial available.

The Hulu Switch app is simple to use and similar to the Hulu mobile app.
The ability to easily convert between portable and docked mode is one of the nicest features.
Hulu appears on the TV screen when docked.
Just take your device out of the dock and keep on watching Hulu using portable mode without missing any beat.

4. YouTube
YouTube is also available for the Switch when it comes to streaming services.
Using the left joystick or D-pad to navigate YouTube on the Switch is a little clumsy at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly.
Users can now view customized content such as subscribed channels and recommended films by logging into their Google account using the YouTube app.

360° video viewing is one of the most intriguing aspects of the YouTube app on Switch.
The gamepads can be used to scroll through the video.
This, unsurprisingly, works quite well and feels completely natural.
Users can also pair their phone with the device to use it as a remote control.
When the Switch console is docked, this is extremely beneficial.
Finally, the Switch’s built-in parental control app can be used to set content limitations.

5. KORG Gadget
Do you want to start composing music of your own?
You can start writing songs on your Nintendo Switch in no time using the KORG Gadget app.
KORG Gadget is a digital audio workstation (DAW) with 16 synthesizers and a ton of features.
KORG Gadget is already available for Mac and iOS, where it has established itself as a capable music production tool.
The Switch version of Gadget isn’t nearly as good as its PC counterparts, but it’s still a fun way to make your music.
In addition, Korg Gadget encourages you to collaborate on your music by adding a collaboration mode.
This allows up to four people to alter different elements of a song at the same time.

In addition, the Joy-cons on the Switch can be used to enhance your setup. This is not available when you try to stream games on Android.
Tilting the Joy-con, for example, can vary the pitch or wavelength.
This makes using the KORG Gadget relatively simple, even if you’ve never used a DAW before.
The pricing of the KORG Gadget on Switch is its only drawback.
The app costs $48 at the time of this writing.

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