Curtain Rods and How to Mount Them

Window treatments can be among the most expensive investments you make any kind of room’s decor. They could be elaborate and ornate may possibly mean thousands of dollars if you have regarding windows to cover. They can also be simple yet elegant, and much costly. No matter which type of window treatment you use, it’s more likely that you will need curtain rods to hang them. There are many different styles of curtain rods, brackets and accessories that can range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. One thing that they all have in common, is that possibly usually hidden by the curtain they are supporting. A great, inexpensive way to cut your costs for window treatments, is to use PVC piping to hang internal navigation curtains and save the expensive rods and finials for the outer ones.

PVC – What Has it been?Traditionally used for plumbing purposes, PVC is a type of sturdy plastic tubing that can be easily manipulated for other uses. It comes in many of thicknesses and diameters to fit an associated with needs. For curtain hanging, there are PVC pipes that are roughly comparable diameter as traditional curtain rods. They are the right alternative, because they are less expensive, can be slashed to size, and are quite sturdy. While using them in areas where the rod is going regarding prominently displayed is no very aesthetically pleasing idea, there are plenty of other opportunities to use them.

Inner CurtainsIn professional window treatments, there are usually two curtains. The outer, bay window curtain rod more elaborate curtain which has had a curtain rod that is proudly displayed, and then an inner curtain or sheer that is significantly prominent. Typically, the curtain rod for the sheer curtain is hidden from view by the outer curtain and its rods. PVC is an excellent option for hanging the sheer, because occasion inexpensive and is easy to mount.

Mounting PVC Curtain RodsOnce you have your PVC rod cut to size and ready to hang, you will need a few simple tools to help everyone. The easiest and most effective technique hang PVC rods is on traditional curtain rod brackets. In order to do this though, you will have to be sure that the rod does not slip off. Start by drilling a small hole on each end of the PVC pipe that is aligned with the screw holes on the inside curtain rod class. Most brackets will come with private hardware, so important screws may already be included. If these are not, select two screws that will fit through the bracket and into the PVC piping. Line the PVC pipe up with the holes in the brackets, and screw them in. This approach them stay in place.

Once you have your PVC curtain rods mounted, your guests will never know that behind the elaborate outer curtain rod is a portion of plastic tubing. You will be excited to retain the secret, knowing you have saved yourself some money.