If you are reading this article, you likely want to know how to get might fast in lords mobile.

You can buy might potions, but probably they are very expensive for your level and they decrease only 1 at every 10 minutes or so. You could look for dungeons with high loot but that leads to many other problems like constructing buildings, feeding troops, and getting trophies. Or maybe there is another way? After all of playing Lords Mobile, I have found out another way – one which does not take much time while playing on windows 10. This method will be described below.

lords mobile unlimited might

The Process: Exceptions: When thinking about the process of getting more might it’s important to remember what “Might” actually is since there are different kinds of Might. The kind that matters is Military Might which is used to increase your Troop Limit and unlocks new Tiers for research. The amount of Military Might have can be seen from the “Might” bar in the top right part of the screen below your name & a family crest. It’s a blue number, not a red one!

The process of getting lords mobile might

1) Log in 15 minutes before a server reset at 10 AM EST (Server Time). If you don’t know what time it is for you, just click on the clock symbol underneath your name and select your time zone. Make sure that it is 10 AM where you are!

2) Go to the city hall. Now here comes important information for those who might farm like crazy – the city hall resets every time there is a server reset and that means it can be farmed daily! It gives 8.000 Military Might if maxed which is about 82 days’ worth of production for one player who uses none of his Lords Coins to speed up the process (80/day).

3) Now click on this symbol. This will open all available quests you can do. You should see something like this:

4) All your quests besides research will give you additional might as their reward! The amount varies from quest to quest but could be as high as 1.000. It is very much worth doing those and not construction or feeding troops. Wait until you have enough Military Might and then continue to the next point:

5) Train troops from your barracks. It does not matter which ones you train, but since it takes about 10 minutes to complete a training cycle I usually chose the highest tier unit I have unlocked so far. Every 5 units will give you 1 Military Might!

6) Now, if you have done everything described above, open buildings in your kingdom. All of them except for the stables and archery ranges will give you additional might as their reward! Again this amount varies from building to building but could be as high as 1.000 might. Do not look at how long it takes or if a finished construction gives even more might – just let those buildings finish constructing and opening chests! Note: The archery range counts as a normal building and will not give you additional might.

The Exception: This solution is mainly meant to be used by players who already made their “First Blood” (farmed for 1.000 Military Might ) through other means like high-level quests, loot dungeons, or constructing buildings (My First Blood was done with 2x 250k troops in LVL 4 altars). If you are a beginner then you should follow the usual routine of getting your first 1.000 Military Might. It’s faster and much easier. After that, I recommend using the exception described above! The exceptions start with this sentence: “This solution is mainly meant to be used by players who already made their “First Blood” (farmed for 1.000 Military Might ) through other means like high-level quests, loot dungeons or constructing buildings (My First Blood was done with 2x 250k troops in level 4 altars).”

So by reading, we know this is for people who already have 1.000 Military Might. It’s still good to mention it though since there might be beginners and not everyone will understand what “First Blood” means (I didn’t when I first started playing Lords Mobile).

Did you just get a new computer that can handle all the latest games, but you’re not sure how to get them? Steam is one of the leading digital game providers on the market, and it offers games from many different publishers and developers. This article will help you learn how to purchase and play games on Steam, as well as inform you about some of the lesser-known facts about the platform.

If you’re going to be playing PC games, you must have a PC powerful enough to handle them. It should at least have an Intel i5 processor, as well as 4GB of RAM and 1GB of video memory. Make sure your PC also has USB 3.0 ports, which are used for transferring data more quickly than older USB 2.0 ports. Finally, pick out a graphics card from Nvidia or AMD—the two major companies in graphics processing units (GPU)—and make sure it has at least 512MB of dedicated VRAM if you want to play most modern titles. You can find all these specs on PC Part Picker or TechSpot’s picks for the best gaming PCs.

how to play steam games

When it comes to which games you want on your Steam account, it all comes down to preference. You might have certain titles that are just so addictive that you can’t stop yourself from re-buying them. That’s fine! But, keep in mind that if you buy games individually and later change your mind about owning them (or run out of room), then Steam gives you some options. Let’s take a look at these options As far as I know, there is no way to share a game library between two accounts without adding each other as friends.

However, once you add each other as friends, you will be able to see how many games one owns and how many he/she plays on his/her profile. So instead of sharing libraries between 2 or more accounts with whom we are not very close or friends; we can access all their game collections by becoming their friends, right?

Steam is a digital distribution platform that connects gamers worldwide. You can download games and share them with your family. Just sign in on their official website and see what everyone’s playing.

The service is available on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The service is free of charge, however, a nominal fee is charged for games that are not freeware or promotional titles. While it may seem tempting to download a game for free using illegal software (such as BitTorrent), please be aware that these games may contain viruses or other malicious code. As always, we strongly recommend keeping your anti-virus program current – such as with AVG AntiVirus Free Edition – and performing regular malware scans with SpyHunter – an award-winning anti-malware program designed to protect your system from dangerous files.

How to download steam games

Once you’ve picked your game(s), it’s time to download them. There are free and paid ones. If you have a steam card, you can redeem it and then pay for any game you want to play. But, if you are living in Nigeria and can find out how much is $100 steam card in naira at payvvo first.

You can choose to download your games individually or as a group—whatever best fits with your bandwidth situation. For either option, use either your Steam Library, right-click and select open in new tab or save as a link. From there, open up a new tab and navigate back to each game page on Steam. Look for the green Add Game button on that page and click it. Each of these actions should add a game to your cart; once all of them are loaded, click Checkout, enter payment information if applicable and confirm everything is correct before purchasing! It will then ask when you want these games activated; I recommend immediately so that nothing gets lost during downloading/transmission because life happens sometimes.

After confirming, Steam will begin downloading each game individually. (Note: Some games may download faster than others depending on how fast your internet connection speed is.) At any point in between downloads, feel free to turn off your computer and do something else while waiting!

When all of your games have been downloaded, launch Steam and log into your account. Now, right-click anywhere on the toolbar at the top of your screen and select View > Downloads, and make sure that Auto download has been checked. This way, whenever you purchase more games, they’ll automatically be added to your library! This was probably my favorite part about using Steam because it meant never having to worry about manually downloading anything

The more work you put into learning your platform of choice before firing up an actual game, the better off you’ll be down the line.

You can share Steam games with your friends and family without them needing to buy a new copy with Steam Family Sharing.
On paper, it appears to be a nice idea, but there are certain restrictions, and to use it, you must have your account linked to the computer where the games will be shared.

We’ll go over these restrictions, teach you how to set up Steam Family Sharing, and even show you how to do so without anyone having to reveal their password or be present in person.

Steam Family Sharing App

Steam Family Sharing: the rules

Steam Family Sharing allows you to share your Steam games with your friends and family, but it comes with some caveats.

These are the restrictions:

  1. Only one person can use the shared library at a time.
  2. If you are playing one of your games, friends with whom you have shared games will not be able to access your library.
  3. You must be logged in to play shared games.

Some games aren’t meant to be played with others.

The vast majority of Steam games support family sharing but check your library to see which ones don’t.

(To utilize this function, you must be logged into your Steam account in your browser.)

That’s all there is to the restrictions, but how do you set them up?

How to Set Up Steam Family Sharing

The good news is that you already know how to set up Steam Family Sharing if you know how to log in to Steam.
The most important step is to log in to your account on the other computer.
If you have a family member at home, for example, you may just connect to their computer.

After you’ve logged in, go to the Steam settings page.
It’s in the upper left corner of your Steam window.

“Allow library sharing on this computer” can be found by clicking “Family” and then “Allow library sharing on this computer.”
You’ll see a list of accounts that are eligible for family sharing, which should include all of the accounts that are now logged in on this computer.

You have now successfully set up family sharing.
You’ve finished setting up family sharing.
After you log out of your account, this PC should have access to all of your family-shared games. You can go ahead and play using any of these best PC controllers.

But how do you set up Steam Family Sharing when the person you want to share with is on the other side of the world?
You probably want to do this without revealing your password in this age of long-distance relationships and social alienation.

How to share your family from afar without having to disclose passwords

Here’s when TeamViewer, our old pal, comes in handy.
To connect to your account on a trusted friend’s PC, follow this guide to set up TeamViewer and use the remote control feature.
Log out after enabling family sharing as explained above.

Chrome Remote Desktop is another feasible option if you don’t want to install TeamViewer and have Google Chrome installed.
Both users must visit the Remote Desktop page, select “Set up remote access,” and then select “Download.”
The installer will then guide you through the process of installing Chrome Remote Desktop.

Once both are set up, the person you’re sharing with should go to the Chrome Remote Desktop page and pick “Remote Assistance,” then “Generate Code.”
You can log in to their PC and set up family sharing by pasting this code into the “Connect to another computer” window on the same page.

After that, make sure you log out of your Steam account on the shared PC.
Once again, congratulations on safely sharing your Steam games with your friends and family.

Many PC gamers like me, prefer the mouse and keyboard for most applications. This is because of the greater precision of aiming offered by a mouse and the greater number of functions and macros offered by a keyboard. However, a mouse and also a keyboard tend not to work as well for a kind of game. Many games will perform better with a gamepad.

With this in mind, it makes sense to find the best PC gamepad for your needs. Let’s get started.

best controller for PC games

One important thing to keep in mind for PC gamers looking for game controllers is that, outside of Xbox controllers, you can’t guarantee that the in-game button prompts will match your controller, unless the game in question specifically supports multiple controller layouts or you modify it. To make the experience smoother for many users, Xbox controllers have a general advantage over the PC platform that other controllers may not appreciate.

However, this can easily be overcome with the right settings, and some interesting features (such as the gyroscope) are not available on Xbox controllers.

Top PC Game Controller

Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox 360 controller is a classic for many gamers. It is considered to be one of the most popular controllers of the seventh generation of consoles. Regardless of its ranking, it remains one of the most influential controllers of all time. And thanks to XInput, it is also by far the most influential gamepad for PC gaming.

However, does it stand the test of time compared to other gamepads?


With the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft launched “XInput” for Windows. XInput offered full compatibility with the 360 and 360 controllers, making it the most compatible gamepad on the platform. This also led to many controller-dependent titles being ported from the console, such as Dark Souls.

  1. Full Steam Input support.
  2. Familiar design, comfortable grip.


  1. The poor, spongy D-pad.
  2. Small dead spots on the analog sticks cause “drift” problems in some applications, such as emulators.
  3. Batteries are required for wireless operation.
  4. No longer in production, so prices may be inflated by some vendors.

PlayStation 3 controller

The PlayStation 3 controller, or DualShock 3, was Sony’s first major wireless controller for its consoles. The PS3 was released after PS2, which is one of the most excellent consoles. So it makes sense that the PS3 controller has changed little from what made the PS2 pad so great. Here’s how it works on PC.


  1. Familiar design and comfortable grips.
  2. Super D-Pad and analog sticks.
  3. Official Steam support, with some rare games even offering PS button prompts. If you can launch something through Steam, your PS3 controller will be detected.
  4. Pressure-sensitive buttons, useful for PS2 and PS3 emulation. However, you will need to configure the controller outside of Steam for this to work.
  5. Rechargeable via USB, no batteries needed for wireless operation.


  1. You have to install XInput Wrapper for it to work properly with a non-Steam kind of game. (Epic, Ubisoft, or Microsoft Game Pass games).
  2. There is no gyroscope support in Steam.
  3. It is no longer produced, so prices may be inflated by some vendors.

Steam control

As part of its Steam Machine and Big Picture movement, Valve has been trying to bring PC gaming into the living room. For many users, they succeeded, it remains the best for PC gaming even though it has been discontinued. Let’s see how it stacks up.


  1. Compatible with all games in the Steam library, including those designed primarily for mouse/keyboard.
  2. Extensive software customization allows you to tailor any game exactly to your preferences for this controller.
  3. The touchpads and gyroscope offer a far superior solution to analog sticks for fast and accurate aiming in FPS games but fall short of the level offered by a proper mouse.


  1. Unusual design and grip: comfortable but rather strange compared to regular gamepads.
  2. Touchpads have a steep learning curve, and for games best played with a D-pad, such as 2D fighting games or 2D platforms, this controller is far from ideal.
  3. Batteries are required for wireless operation.
  4. It is no longer in production, and unlike other previous generation tablets, it was not in production for a long time, so prices may be highly inflated.

PlayStation 4 controller

Humbled by the initial reception of the PS3, Sony intended to do big things with the PS4, including converting it to a developer-friendly x86 architecture. Understanding the need for change, the PlayStation 4 controller tweaked the PS design for greater comfort and ease of use. The touchpad was an odd choice for a console controller, but it makes all the difference on PC.


  1. Super-versatile controller. The touchpad can also be used as a PC touchpad with the right software.
  2. Great comfort, D-pad, analog, etc.
  3. Gyroscope support, which can be used by Steam Input and some emulators.
  4. No battery is required for wireless operation.


Unlike the PS2 and PS3 pads, there are no pressure-sensitive buttons. This makes it less suitable for emulating these older consoles, at least with games that rely on this feature (such as Metal Gear Solid 3).

Which one is right for you?

There’s a non-zero chance that you already own one of these controllers because you already own one of the game consoles it was designed for.

For those who aren’t super hardcore gamers or who aren’t used to dealing with button prompts that don’t match their controller, an Xbox controller becomes a top contender for the mere fact that it’s plug-and-play with everything – even outside of Steam – and the buttons match.

For gamers who prefer deeper control options and additional features such as aim turning, Steam, PlayStation and Nintendo controllers offer an incentive over Xbox controllers in these areas. If you prefer 2D or other D-Pad games, you can also lean towards the PlayStation and Nintendo controllers based solely on their superior D-Pads, although the Xbox Core and Elite controllers are no slouches in the D-Pad department either.

If we were to narrow the list down to the top three choices with the most coverage, they would be:

  • Xbox Core controller
  • PlayStation 5 controller
  • Switch to a Pro Controller or PlayStation 3 controller.

In the meantime, you can learn how to run old games on Windows 10.

Do you want to play classic PC games like Duke Nukem on your contemporary PC because you’re nostalgic?
Unfortunately, it is easier than doing it.
Here are a few options for getting older games to run on Windows 10.

run old games on Windows 10

Why aren’t older games compatible with Windows 10?
Over time, operating systems undergo major changes.
The dependencies required by older hardware and software are no longer used by modern systems.
Older parts of code that are no longer needed have been destroyed as hardware and software updates demand more sophisticated operating systems.

Modern operating systems, such as Windows 10, have a 64-bit architecture that is incompatible with the older 16-bit architecture of Windows 95 and Windows 98.
This means that you won’t always be able to play Windows 95 games on Windows 10.
There are, however, a few ways to getting your games to operate.

Note that each game will have its own set of needs and dependencies.
As a result, the suggestions below may not apply to all games.

Modern operating systems, such as Windows 10, have a 64-bit architecture that is incompatible with the older 16-bit architecture of Windows 95 and Windows 98.
This means that you won’t always be able to play Windows 95 games on Windows 10.
There are, however, a few ways to getting your games to operate.

Note that each game will have its own set of needs and dependencies.
As a result, the suggestions below may not apply to all games.

If your PC lacks an external CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive and you wish to play older games on disc, a plug-and-play USB DVD drive should suffice.
They’re normally under $30 and are DVD-RW (which means you can burn and copy discs if you’re still into that sort of thing).
Simply connect the drive to your computer, wait for the drivers to install, and then install the game.

However, there is more work to be done following this stage.

Run as administrator
Modern operating systems, such as Windows 10, have several security features not found in previous versions.
These security features have the unintended consequence of preventing you from playing your old games.

UAC (User Account Control), for example, helps prevent viruses from wreaking havoc on your computer.
This is accomplished by blocking the automated installation of files from untrusted or unknown sources.
Regrettably, this may prohibit your classic games from being installed on your current computer.
This is because the executable (.exe) required to launch a game cannot be installed on your computer.
You must launch the.exe file with administrator privileges to avoid this problem.
Select Run as administrator from the menu when right-clicking on the game exe file.
Hopefully, your game will be successful.
This is a simple method, but you’ll have to repeat it each time you want to play the game.

Compatibility mode
Compatibility mode is indeed available in modern versions of Windows. It allows users to emulate older versions of Windows.
Running your game with administrator access will quickly become tedious if you plan to play it more than once.
Instead, instruct Windows 10 on how to run your game in compatibility mode each time.

To begin, locate and right-click the.exe file for the game you wish to run.
Click “Properties” in the pop-up menu, which will open a new window.
Look for the “Compatibility” tab at the top of the new window.

You have two choices at this time.
When you select the “Run Compatibility Resolution Utility” option, Windows will automatically diagnose any issues that prohibit you from running your game.
You will be able to play your game after allowing Windows to complete its thing.

There’s also the option of going the manual method.
A drop-down list will appear under the “Compatibility Mode” option, allowing you to select the Windows version for which the game was created.
You may also modify the screen resolution and tell Windows to use a limited color palette under “Settings.”
Activating these settings can help you get more chances to play this classic game.

Using an emulator
The Microsoft Windows operating system was based on MS-DOS until Windows XP.
As a result, many of the games released at this time were DOS-based.
Modern versions of Windows, unfortunately, are no longer based on DOS and do not support it.
If compatibility mode still doesn’t let you play your games, you can try mimicking DOS on your modern PC.

DOSBox App

DOSBox is the most popular DOS emulator. It allows you to play any kind of DOS game.
There is a lot of information online about how to set up DOSBox on your computer.
Furthermore, the official DOSBox website maintains a comprehensive list of all supported titles, allowing you to double-check your library before proceeding.

Since its inception almost four years ago, the Nintendo Switch has been an unqualified success.
The system has proven to be a favorite with gamers thanks to its excellent library of games and unusual modular design.
While you may spend hours exploring Hyrule in Breath of the Wild or learning to race Mario Kart for the first time on the Switch, the system also has a variety of apps that go beyond games.
Here are some of the greatest non-game Nintendo Switch apps.

best apps for Nintendo Switch

How to download apps for Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo eShop contains all of the programs on this list.
Look for the symbol that looks like a shopping cart in the Switch home screen toolbar to launch the web store.
Use the search box at the top left of the screen to find the program you wish to download while the eShop is open.
You can launch the app from the Switch home screen once it has finished downloading.

1. RPG Maker MV
Skyborn, Omori, and the horror blockbuster Corpse Party are just a handful of the outstanding games that have come out of the accessible RPG authoring program RPG Maker.
The Nintendo Switch rendition of RPG Maker MV is so simple to grasp that you’ll be getting creative in no time.

The MV version of RPG Maker has a much better map editor with layers, an in-depth event system for adding drama to your games, and a plethora of pre-installed assets (plus the option to add your graphics, music, and effects, of course).

2. Vivid colors
When it comes to relatively difficult drawing and painting apps, the Nintendo Switch lacks a lot of options, which seems like a mistake given the console’s strong touchscreen capabilities and reasonably large handheld screen.

Colors Live is an app that you must purchase from the developer’s website.
It includes a pressure-sensitive stylus that may be customized in terms of strokes and thickness.
Colors Live is essentially a free-form painting program, but it adds some spice to your creative journey by including a mode that challenges you to paint a little every day, complete with its progression system.

The digital edition is currently available for purchase, with a physical edition expected later this year.

3. Hulu
You’ll never miss an episode of Hulu’s latest obsession if you use the video streaming app.
Hulu is a paid service, even though the app is free to download.
This implies you’ll have to pay a monthly charge to access the site’s vast content repository.
If you want to try it out, there is a seven-day free trial available.

The Hulu Switch app is simple to use and similar to the Hulu mobile app.
The ability to easily convert between portable and docked mode is one of the nicest features.
Hulu appears on the TV screen when docked.
Just take your device out of the dock and keep on watching Hulu using portable mode without missing any beat.

4. YouTube
YouTube is also available for the Switch when it comes to streaming services.
Using the left joystick or D-pad to navigate YouTube on the Switch is a little clumsy at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly.
Users can now view customized content such as subscribed channels and recommended films by logging into their Google account using the YouTube app.

360° video viewing is one of the most intriguing aspects of the YouTube app on Switch.
The gamepads can be used to scroll through the video.
This, unsurprisingly, works quite well and feels completely natural.
Users can also pair their phone with the device to use it as a remote control.
When the Switch console is docked, this is extremely beneficial.
Finally, the Switch’s built-in parental control app can be used to set content limitations.

5. KORG Gadget
Do you want to start composing music of your own?
You can start writing songs on your Nintendo Switch in no time using the KORG Gadget app.
KORG Gadget is a digital audio workstation (DAW) with 16 synthesizers and a ton of features.
KORG Gadget is already available for Mac and iOS, where it has established itself as a capable music production tool.
The Switch version of Gadget isn’t nearly as good as its PC counterparts, but it’s still a fun way to make your music.
In addition, Korg Gadget encourages you to collaborate on your music by adding a collaboration mode.
This allows up to four people to alter different elements of a song at the same time.

In addition, the Joy-cons on the Switch can be used to enhance your setup. This is not available when you try to stream games on Android.
Tilting the Joy-con, for example, can vary the pitch or wavelength.
This makes using the KORG Gadget relatively simple, even if you’ve never used a DAW before.
The pricing of the KORG Gadget on Switch is its only drawback.
The app costs $48 at the time of this writing.

Did you know that Xbox games can be played in the cloud?
It’s still in its infancy, and you can’t stream to anything other than Android at the time of writing.
If you have an Android phone, you can now stream games on your device and play Xbox games from anywhere.

Xbox Game Pass on android

What you need to play Xbox games on android

Firstly, you’ll need an Android phone that supports the Xbox Game Pass app. This requires Android version 6 and above, so make sure your phone is capable of downloading the app.

If your phone is suitable, go ahead and install the Xbox Game Pass app.
To play Xbox games in the cloud, you’ll need to purchase an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate during the download.
If you don’t already have one and haven’t subscribed, you can get your first month for $1, which is a great opportunity to give it a try.

Finally, while a controller isn’t required to play some Xbox Game Pass games, it does make things easier.
(Find out how to connect your Xbox 360 controller to your Android device.)
An Xbox controller will function, but Microsoft claims that the app is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 controller.

How to play Xbox games on your phone

It’s time to start playing games on your phone now that you’re ready.
Sign in to your Microsoft account and open the app.
If you have several Microsoft accounts, make sure to use the one with a current Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

To access your library, sign in and tap the home symbol in the bottom left corner.

Find compatible Android games
You’ll be able to see all of the titles that are available with the Xbox Game Pass.
The Game Pass app, on the other hand, is designed to mix mobile, Xbox, and PC games into a single app.
This means that the games on the main page might or might not be compatible with phone streaming.

Look for the center bar that says “Cloud,” “Console,” and “PC” to filter the games and show only those that can be played on Android.
Tap “Cloud” if it isn’t highlighted in green.

To see different games, the library should scroll.
All of the games on this page are Android compatible, so you’ll have no trouble finding something to play.

Once you’ve found something interesting, tap on it. The game page will appear, along with various options.
You may see two options: “Play” and “Install”.

Do not press “Install” if you want to play the game on your phone.
This button is used to remotely install the game on an Xbox 360 or a PC.
Instead, press “Play” to load the game on the cloud.

If you want to play a game and all you see is the “Install” button, it signifies the game is currently unavailable for mobile play.

Playing a compatible game on Android
When you press “Play,” a green spaceship will appear while the cloud loads your game.

Your game should display on the screen once it has finished loading.

To play, you can either use touch controls or attach a Bluetooth controller.

Three floating buttons may be found in the top left corner of the game screen.

The three dots will take you to the options screen, where you can mute the microphone or exit the game.
If your connection becomes shaky, the antenna signal will give you advice on how to fix it.
When you hit the Xbox button on your controller, the Xbox logo imitates the Xbox button.

Once you’ve begun a game, it will appear in the main menu’s “Back” section. When you are ready to play more, simply press the game’s button to return.

If you don’t want to wait for the next-gen console and instead prefer cloud gaming and game streaming to Android, Microsoft has made it a lot easier to play Xbox games on the move.
It’s worth a go to see if it works for you.